Figuring things out

I’m still trying to visualize this page. I have the concept in my mind.. its layers, its layout, its interaction. Now just to put the thought onto paper, and then produce something out of it.

That’s always the problem, isn’t it? Ideas are abundant, floating in the infinite realm of possibilities which is our mind, only restricted by your own sense of imagination. But that is the general problem of it all, it is only an idea. An idea without an action might as well had been nothing at all, for the¬†difference it makes. (Let’s not dive into the realm of patenting ideas now, and even for that, you need to actually put the idea into a publishable paper)

Some people are just better at letting ideas flow through their medium of choice… perhaps in writing, or art, or music. Some … can’t. It remains in their mind, unable to channel through any medium, being an infinite jumble of mess, loosely connected fragments of a concept which can never be realized.

When I started writing this post, it was exactly that as well. An idea, stuck in a rut. And after a two hundred word ramble, it still remains as it was. Nothing but an idea. A thought. A nothing.